Why I’m Running for North Carolina 9th District

Dear Friends of Pastor Mark Harris,

Like you, I supported Pastor Harris to be the representative of North Carolina 9th District. I was there at his campaign kick-off at the Old Monroe Courthouse and I was with him all the way to his victory in the General Election. I contributed my own money to his campaign starting in the primary because it was clear to me he was our best choice to represent the people of the 9th District in Congress. I watched the entire Board of Elections hearing that ended his campaign and was very upset by the one-sided presentation of the facts.

The way the people of this District have been treated and the way the “investigation” of voter fraud has been handled are both disgraceful. Pastor Harris, his family, his supporters and the Republican Party were dragged through the mud in the televised hearings, while little attention was paid to the overwhelming evidence that NC election officials knew voter fraud had been committed by others and started an investigation prior to the 2018 primary or general election.

WRAL reported December 21, 2018, that “there’s been some finger pointing over why an apparent pattern of election tampering wasn’t addressed before now.” The State Board of Elections staff knew in 2016, when Mark Harris lost, that there was a problem with McCrae Dowless’ election activities in that primary, but that race wasn’t rerun, even though our candidate would have won in all likelihood absent Todd Johnson’s presence in the race. Dowless worked for Todd.

So why was the probe focused on Mark Harris instead of Todd Johnson, who hired Mr. Dowless in 2016?Why were the hearings focused on Pastor Harris and the Republicans instead of the Democratic operatives who had been doing what Dowless did, apparently with his help, starting well before 2018? Dowless was a Democrat operative until 2016.

What was done in denying us the Representative we chose is outrageous, but the question is whether we will let the people responsible get away with overturning the will of the public?

Pastor Harris has serious health issues that will prevent him from running again, and my friends have persuaded me that if I care about the issues I’ve worked on for years – from stopping illegal immigration (with the emphasis on illegal) to reining in the national debt, from improving roads and getting an Interstate linking Asheville to Charlotte to Wilmington to improving education by putting more control over our schools in the hands of the parents and teachers and less in the hands of Washington bureaucrats – I needed to file to run to represent you on these issues.

Whoever you elect will miss the usual training for new members of Congress, but my past legislative experience and longtime involvement in key issues will let me hit the ground running. Better yet, you can look at what I’ve done in the past instead of just taking my word on what I’ll do if elected.

Actions speak louder than words. The best indicator of future performance is past performance.

Since I am running for North Carolina 9th District, please look over the site to learn about the issues I stand for. If you can make a donation, I would appreciate it, but I particularly ask for your prayers and that you share what you learn there with your family and friends.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any assistance you can offer