Debt & Taxes

shubert on debt and taxes

  • Fern believes the rapidly increasing national debt is a greater threat to our country‚Äôs security than any foreign nation. Relying on debt to meet current needs is simply stealing from our children and grandchildren, because using debt instead of taxes to pay the bills simply hides the failure to stop spending beyond our means and will inevitably lead to higher taxes.
  • She also believes that the more the government takes from citizens in taxes, the less freedom those citizens have to decide how to spend their own money. Washington demands far too much because we have permitted the bureaucracy to grow so large it is almost impossible for elected representatives to provide adequate oversight.
  • As a CPA, Fern understands budgets, knows where to look for waste, and has made a habit of exposing insider mismanagement. Fern supports the Taxpayer Protection Act.