Why I’m Doing This

Last Friday I drove to Asheville for the NC Federation of Republican Women’s Annual Convention. It was a beautiful day, a nice drive and a lot of fun to see old friends and political allies and meet some new members. Read More

Saving Farmers from the Death Tax in the 9th District

The family farmer in the 9th district is the backbone of North Carolina agriculture and agriculture is the biggest employer in the 9th district. Many of the people of the 9th district live on family farms that have been in the family for generations. (My family has a small farm that has been in the family for over a hundred years.)  But for a long time the “death tax” would keep some farmers from passing their farms to their children because they could not pay the tax and would have to sell the farm to pay the tax!

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How Can We Fix Healthcare in the 9th District

Today I want to talk about healthcare. Obviously any solution must apply to the good of all Americans, but that does not mean that medicare for all is the right way to go since it would bankrupt the system and wind up as medicare for none. No, the solution has to make health care more affordable to the average American and there is a way to do this. Read More

Why I’m Running for North Carolina 9th District

Dear Friends of Pastor Mark Harris,

Like you, I supported Pastor Harris to be the representative of North Carolina 9th District. I was there at his campaign kick-off at the Old Monroe Courthouse and I was with him all the way to his victory in the General Election. I contributed my own money to his campaign starting in the primary because it was clear to me he was our best choice to represent the people of the 9th District in Congress. I watched the entire Board of Elections hearing that ended his campaign and was very upset by the one-sided presentation of the facts. Read More