• Medicare for all means Medicare for none. Seniors have paid for years and continue to pay in order to be eligible for Medicare. Dumping everyone currently paying for their own insurance plus those on Medicaid into the program may advance the cause of socialism but is a recipe for disaster for Seniors.
  • Medicare for all is nothing but a cute slogan to keep people from facing the grim reality that medical costs are out of control and Obamacare failed miserably. The more control government has over any market for services, the worse the services will become and the higher costs will become because government substitutes regulation for competition and actually causes costs to rise.


shubert on education

  • Fern supports the right of parents to make educational decisions for their children, which means she supports educational choices, charter schools and home schooling.
  • Fern helped pass the legislation making charter schools possible in NC. Union Academy honored her work by inviting her to draw the names of their first class of students. Fern is very proud of that schools’ development and achievements and of the tremendous success of the charter school movement.
  • Because education is near and dear to Fern’s heart, she strongly believes too many educational decisions are made in Washington or other faraway places that are best made in the local community. The one room school houses of the 1800s had higher academic standards in terms of expected student outcomes than far too many of today’s schools. We must do better, both for our children and grandchildren and in order to survive as a nation.


shubert on transportation

  • The 9th District has been seriously shortchanged when it comes to highway funding. The old Highway 74 corridor linking Asheville to Charlotte to Wilmington has been a major trade route since colonial times and the “plank road” signs reflect that history. There should have been an interstate linking those major cities years ago. Fern started pushing for just that while still in the legislature, calling it the Prosperity Project. The prosperity Charlotte has enjoyed simply can’t get through the bad roads road block to reach all of the people of the 9th district and that needs to change.
  • We finally have an interstate designation indicating a plan to provide an interstate from Rockingham to Wilmington, but we need to link that section to Charlotte.

Debt & Taxes

shubert on debt and taxes

  • Fern believes the rapidly increasing national debt is a greater threat to our country’s security than any foreign nation. Relying on debt to meet current needs is simply stealing from our children and grandchildren, because using debt instead of taxes to pay the bills simply hides the failure to stop spending beyond our means and will inevitably lead to higher taxes.
  • She also believes that the more the government takes from citizens in taxes, the less freedom those citizens have to decide how to spend their own money. Washington demands far too much because we have permitted the bureaucracy to grow so large it is almost impossible for elected representatives to provide adequate oversight.
  • As a CPA, Fern understands budgets, knows where to look for waste, and has made a habit of exposing insider mismanagement. Fern supports the Taxpayer Protection Act.

Illegal Immigration

Shubert on illegal immigration

  • Fern was one of the first elected officials in the state to speak out on the issue of illegal immigration. Illegal immigration was one of her key campaign issues when she ran for Governor in 2004. She was even endorsed by the 9/11 families, who said:
    “FERN SHUBERT IS THE ONLY PERSON IN EITHER PARTY running for Governor who has been working to change your state’s licensing law to prohibit illegal aliens and terrorists from getting North Carolina official “ID.”